Bates Saddles offer highly specialised saddles for every discipline, engineered to bring out the best in you and your horse.  Underneath the finest European leather you will feel the power of innovation. For you, the rider, enjoy instantaneous comfort, optimal balance and seamless contact with your horse, leaving you free to concentrate on your aids. For your horse, the CAIR® Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution ensure their absolute comfort and your peace of mind. Revolutionise your riding experience and fulfil your true potential in a Bates Saddle.

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Virbac’s market leading range of horse products offers the highest level of care and protection available, helping you to achieve your performance goals. Our extensive range includes many well known brands for:

WormingLaminitisWound careElectrolytesBlood building General health

Stokes Sporthorses use many products from the Virbac Range, such as a modern range of wormers including Equimax, Strategy T and the new Equimax LV (low volume). We use a large range of thier products including Recharge, Rapigel, Septicide Cream, and probably my newest favourite…Megavite B.

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Stokes Sporthorses has had a long affiliation with Jennie and her team at Horseland Maddington. Horseland offer a diverse range of products to suit all disciplines and levels of riders. For our team we are chasing an affordable range of products to the highest standard for use in training and competition. If they dont have it in stock, just ask and they are more than happy to source it for you. They offer a full range of products for both the horse and rider and make frequent trips around the world to source the latest and greatest products for us to have available on our doorstep.

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Stokes Sporthorses have long used the Pegusus range because we believe they offer a high quality product with access to the latest nutrition expertise and its available right here in WA, designed for WA conditions. This year, Stokes Sporthorses has been invited to be apart of Team Pegasus and are proud to be associated with such a range of products. We have acheived great results with the Pegusus range over the years and are confident they provide our horses with everything they need from our breeding stock right through to our competition horses at an affordable price.

Milne also offer a free diet analysis which i have found extremely benificial, making it clearly apparent where horses are being over supplemented or experiencing a shortfall. It is a great service to take them up and i highly recommend it.

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Here at Stokes Sporthorses we started up a breeding program several years ago to produce horses that we would like to ride. That were talented to compete at the highest level in Dressage or Eventing (depending on thier breeding) and were of a nice nature so they would be nice to have around and we would enjoy producing them to the highest level. As we are so busy with the ridden horses we have began working very closely with CAMAC training. They handle all our younstock for us from weaning to breaking in . THey teach horses everything we need them to do so they have confidence in us as people and we can do anything we want with them from leading, tying up, floating, trips to the vets or competition, rugs and boots all the way thru to being ready to ride.



We are always looking for ways in which we can help our horses to achieve maximum performance and enjoy thier life. We have found the Red Light Therapy to be a great way that we can help our horses out. There is much research behind the value of Red Light Therapy and we have found it an afforadable and safe solution to helping manage our horses. One of the hardest things we found is we are on the road so much that we dont always have access to our equine body practitioners. This product allows us to help our horses recover from travel and competition wherever we are.

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