Breeding Program

We have currently started a small but exclusive breeding program that we hope to expand on in the future. Our aim is to breed exceptional performance horses for both our own purposes as well as marketable foals. As far as our dressage horses are concerned, we are committed to using the latest technology and opportunities from Europe to ensure that we are breeding the best stock that we can. For our eventing breeding program, we believe that modern eventing still calls for a significant proportion of TB blood as well as the quality of paces and jumping ability to compete with the best in the world. We have an imported Holsteiner mare who carries some exceptional jumping bloodlines. We will be crossing her with Australian and European stallions with high proportions of TB blood.

Our young horses are extensively handled for periods throughout their development. We also combine this with periods out in the paddock as a group so that the can rest, play and just be young horses. We have found that this balance creates horses that are confident and well adjusted when it comes time for them to be broken in. Through out their whole development, they have their feet and general maintenance done on a regular basis.

Stokes Sporthorses uses and recommends Cammac Training for all handling and training of young horses of any breed or discipline from weanling age.

We always have quality young horses of varying ages for sale. Please see our For Sale page for current available stock.

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